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Related article: Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2009 13:33:08 -0600 From: Brian Subject: African Kid Preteen Bikini Models Chpt 1Disclaimer: This is fiction. Erotic fiction, dealing with sex between consenting adults. If your are under Eighteen and it is illegal in your state, or country you should leave this site now. Any names, places or events are strictly coincidental.Well that was fun. I had been online looking at younger guys in a few websites. I like younger males, legal males, but more specifically black males. Never had one before, but always wanted one. I had been in a website that was mostly personals, Personals from young guys from around the world. I clicked on a black male from South Africa. Sent off a quick message that I was interested in him. He was great looking, 22, 5ft 8, about 145 lbs, 6 inch soft uncut cock and really big balls. He opened a chat program right away. When I asked what City he was in he said Accra. Fuck! I had talked to a lot of guys from Ghana, all were just scammers, looking for money. When I asked why his profile said South Africa, he said because most guys from Ghana were scammers and he wasn't. Oh Yeah, really. I thought."Why should I believe that?" I asked."I don't need money. I have a good job in an American Hotel. I'm just looking to get out of here. This is not a nice place to live if you're gay.""So just move.""Ha, ha. That is easy to say, but no so easy to do.""So what are you looking for?""I just want to get away. From Ghana, maybe to Europe or North America. I have a passport and can travel anywhere in Africa, but I have no one outside. I have no family, so I don't know anyone anywhere other than in Africa. So I lied because I wanted someone to help. Not financially, but just help leave here."WOW! I thought. Well I have more money than God, someone once told me. If I could get him to come to South Africa, I could fly there. Thinking about sucking on that black cock or shoving my cock into his ass was getting me hard."I'm traveling to South Africa at the end of the month." I lied to him."Really!""Yeah I travel there about twice a year.""So if I met you there could you help me maybe?""Well would really depend on you. I'll be staying at the Old Fort Hotel in Cape Town.""Can you give me the date you will arrive?""Actually I don't know. Although I travel there quite often, I haven't booked my flight yet.""Okay."From that simple okay, I figured he thought I was just trying to scam him."Look, send me your email address and I'll mail you my arrival time.""Okay, wow. Yes I'll send it right away."I gave him my email address and said I would talk to him again before I left. In fact what I said was I would talk to him tomorrow Preteen Bikini Models at the same time."Okay. Bye"He booked off.I pulled up his profile again while I thought. The full length nude and clothed shots of him didn't do too much, but the close up on that cock and balls made me need jack off. To have that nice black cock in my mouth or ass or my cock in his mouth or ass sent over the edge.After relieving the pressure, I sat down and brought up my travel agent. Did I really want to spend what it was going to cost. Fuck it. It was as my accountant kept telling me, it was only money.I booked a round trip ticket to Cape Town. Return open, Visa for 90 days, first class.That's via Dulles, Montreal, Paris and Pretoria, with a short commuter flight to Cape Town. Hotel for 30 days, rental four wheel drive, $10,457.00 plus taxes. All to have chance to suck on a black cock. And that didn't include any meals in SA. Fuck I must be nuts.Departure date was set for ten days. I wondered if my black friend could get there by then. Would know tomorrow when I talked to him.Really thought about what I was about to do just to suck on a black dick. Going to cost a fortune. Slept really bad, tossed and turned all night. After getting up, quick shower and some breakfast, booked on my computer. He came up write away on my MSN.Hi. I said.Hello, didn't think you were going to come back.Why not?"Well just wasn't sure what you were into.Okay just to let you know I am serious in meeting with you, I will be in South African in 11 days. I will be staying at the Old English Hotel in Cape Town. I want you to meet me there.Really!Yes really, I am going to give your name to the desk as a guide to show me around South Africa. I have also rented a Rover 4X4. I will be in Cape Town the afternoon of the 16th of September. Can you meet me their by then?Yes Sir, Yes Master, I will be there.I wasn't sure what the Master thing was.Okay. See you there, if you get in before me, inform the desk that I have hired you to be my guide."Yes Master."There he goes with the Master thing again. I would really need to ask him what he meant when we met.Okay see you on the 16th.I'm gone.I went off line and told my butler to pack for 90 days, keep it light as I was traveling to SA. Informed my accountant I would be away for three months but he could get me via email if anything needed to Preteen Bikini Models be attended to. I got everything in order and spent the next few days doing my regular routine. On the 15th, my butler/driver drove me to Washington. I stayed at The Washington Biltmore and in the morning took a cab to Dulles. Checked in. Business Class to Montreal: First class to Paris and the First class on Air France to Pretoria, Commuter flight to Cape Town. Fucking wonderful, 27 hours on planes. If my black didn't show I was going to some pissed. Surprisingly the hotel sent a limo."Hi. I'm Spenser Hamilton, I have a reservation.""Oh yes Mr. Hamilton. We have you booked into your usual suite.""Good. I am expecting a guide I hired to help me in a tour of South Africa. Could you show him to my suite when he arrives.""Sir. A kefir has already arrived claiming you hired him. He is waiting in the servants lounge.""Kefir. What's a kefir?"Well Sir he is black.""So. South Africa is no longer an apartheid state. So why should he be different?""But Sir, we don't allow blacks to mingle with our guests.""Is that your policy or the hotels?""Sir, I.""Call your manager out here now!"Fuck I hate the idea that people still cling to the idea that just because you skin color is different that you are not equal."Mr. Hamilton. It is so good to see you again.""Charlie, It is so good to see you too. But you know you can call me Spence.""You have a problem?""Yes a black guide I hired before I flew over is cooling his heals in your servants waiting area. If that policy at this hotel, then I will be moving out.""No Sir! That is not policy.""Mr. Simmons, go find Mr. Hamilton's guide and bring him out here. I apologize Sir, but some of our employees seem to think we are still the old South Africa. I assure you will never happen again.""No problem Charlie."When Mr. Simmons brought the black guy I had hired, I was totally astounded. His pictures online didn't do him justice at all. He was beautiful! If I hadn't had on very snug shorts, my instant hard on would be showing."Onou Bonsuu. I'm Spencer Hamilton.""Good to finally meet you sir.""Charlie can you take us to our room, Onou will be staying with me.""Yes Sir. Devin take Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Bonsuu's bags to 701."A very good looking young black male came up and grabbed our bags and headed for the elevator. We followed. After he showed us in I gave him a five dollar bill, US five dollar bill."Oh Sir, If, if you need anything or want anything I will be very happy to serve you Sir."After he left and the door was closed, Onou said."Master you could have given him a dollar, you were very generous Master.""Onou, what's this Master thing. I don't own you. I don't want to own you.""I'm sorry Master, but it has always been my dream to have a man own me. You Master are the man of my dreams. I will do anything you wish, anything. You need not pay me. But I want to be yours forever.""Okay, okay. While we are alone you can call me Master. But anytime else it must be Sir or Spence.""Yes Master.""Now I need a drink, a hot shower and some sleep. Twenty seven hours on planes is way too much.""I will help you Master. What would you like to Drink?""Well the hotel is up to its usual standards, there should be a bottle of Bourbon on the bar. Just splash a couple of ounces in a glass with some ice please.""Yes Master."I went into the bedroom and undressed and headed for the shower. I was barely in and had just started soaking under the hot spray when Onou joined me in the shower."Let me wash you Master."He poured body wash on my shoulders and then slowly massaged it in. Slowly working his way down my back and then over my ass. He washed everything. He slowly worked down my legs."Can you turn around please Master?"When I turned he just continued to wash me. Up my legs and on into my crotch. As soon as his hands touched my balls I became instantly hard. When I looked down his mouth was barely two inches from the end of my cock. I really just wanted to ram it in, even covered in soapy foam. Onou took it out of hands as he slowly stood washing my chest and face and neck. He pored shampoo into his hands and washed my hair."You can rinse now Master. You have nice body Master."After I rinsed off I turned and told him to hold still. I then washed him as he done me. He continued to protest until I started to wash his cock and balls. He started to moan in pleasure as I spent quite a bit of time on his cock. After he turned I also spent a lot of time washing his wonderful firm ass. As I ran my soapy finger into his ass crack and across his pucker, he started to moan more. I think I could have fucked him right then and there. But the hot shower was making me so sleepy, I just quickly finished. After he rinsed I climbed out and he dried me off."Thank you Onou, that was the best shower I have had in a long time.""No thank Preteen Bikini Models you Master. I did not want to wash me Master. It is my duty to you Master.""Onou. Anything you do for me I will do for you.""Yes Master.""Now I need some sleep."He padded out into the bed room and turned down my bed. After I laid down he turned to leave."Onou. I want you to sleep with me too.""Really Master.""Yes. Come on, lie down here."He laid down on his back, I told him to roll onto his side and I just spooned myself to his body. I wrapped my arms over him and was instantly asleep.TBCComments
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